Executive Board

The 2017 - 2019 Executive Board  

Henry C. Theriault, President
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Worcester State University
United States of America

Adam Muller, First Vice President
Director of Peace and Conflict Studies
University of Manitoba
Melanie O'Brien, Second Vice-President
Senior Lecturer in International Law
UWA Law School
University of Western Australia
Perth, WA
Amy Fagin, Secretary-Treasurer
Beyond Genocide Centre for Prevention
United States of America
Stephanie Wolfe, New Media Officer
Associate Professor of Political Science
Political Science and Philosophy Department
Weber State University
United States of America



Kerry Whigham, Communications Officer
Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow
Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Binghamton University
United States of America

Timothy Williams, Emerging Scholar Representative
Research Fellow
Centre for Conflict Studies, Marburg University