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New deadline extension: January 31, 2021

We welcome proposals that showcase submissions that utilize innovative delivery formats. In addition, IAGS is committed to efforts to diversity prevailing understandings of all aspects of genocide, and we encourage proposals that employ novel methods and address a wide variety of cases, concepts, theories, methods, practices, traditions, and topics relevant to the study of genocide, genocide education, and prevention. We strongly encourage submissions from emerging scholars and on under-researched issues, comparative analyses, and critical and creative work that addresses lacunae in the field.

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Conference Hosts

The University of Barcelona is one of the leading public institutions of higher education in Spain and has become a leader in European research activity, both in terms of the number of research programs it conducts and the excellence these have achieved.

The university combines the values of tradition with its position as an institution dedicated to innovation and teaching excellence: a university that is as outward-looking and cosmo- politan as the city from which it takes its name.

The University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Law dates back to the establishment of the University itself. The Faculty of Laws and Canons, as it was then known, was part of the Estudi General of Barcelona, the forerunner of our university (founded in 1450).

Today it is the largest law faculty in Catalonia, currently offers bachelor’s degree courses in Law, Political Science, Criminology, Labour Relations, and Public Management and Administration, as well as various university master’s degrees, a doctoral program, and a variety of postgraduate and lifelong learning courses and programs.

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