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Сity, State: New York, NY
Сountry: United States of America
Research Focus: Comparative-genocides, Genocide-education, Genocide-prevention, Human-rights, Identity, Interviews, Mass-atrocity-prevention, Memory, Post-conflict, Transitional-justice
Regional Focus: europe, indigenous, latin-america, north-america, south-america, sub-saharan-africa
Сity, State: Munich
Сountry: Germany
Research Focus: Big-data, Cambodia, Comparative-genocides, Ethics, Identity, Ideology, Interviews, Memory, Perpetrators, Political-science, Post-conflict, Rwanda, Transitional-justice
Regional Focus: europe, south-asia, sub-saharan-africa
Сity, State: Ogden, UT
Сountry: United States of America
Research Focus: Comparative Genocides, Gender, Geopolitics, Holocaust, Human Rights, International Law, International Relations, International Security, Memory, Peacebuilding, Political Science, Rwanda, Social Movements, Traditional Justice, Transitional Justice
Regional Focus: East Asia, europe, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa
Member: Women’s Caucus
Сity, State: Winnipeg
Сountry: Canada
Research Focus: Colonialism, Criminology, Sociology
Regional Focus: indigenous
Member: Indigenous Caucus
Сity, State: Buenos Aires
Research Focus: Art, Comparative Genocides, Genocide Education, Genocide Prevention, History, Human Rights, Mass Atrocity Prevention, Memory, Post-conflict, Transitional Justice
Regional Focus: Latin America
Сity, State: Toronto, Ontario
Сountry: Canada
Research Focus: Colonialism, Ethnic-politics, Geopolitics, Indigenous-politics, International-security, Peace, Peacebuilding, Political-science, Post-conflict, War
Regional Focus: south-pacific-oceania
Сity, State: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Сountry: Canada
Research Focus: History, Human-rights, Indigenous-politics
Regional Focus: europe, indigenous, middle-east-north-africa, north-america
Сity, State: Erbil
Сountry: Iraq
Research Focus: Art, Big Data, Colonialism, Settler Colonialism, Social Movements, Sociology, Traditional Justice, Transitional Justice, War
Regional Focus: europe, indigenous, Middle East/North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, west-africa
Сity, State: Schiedam
Сountry: Netherlands the
Research Focus: Anthropology, Colonialism, Criminology, Ethics, Gender
Regional Focus: arctic, australia, europe, indigenous, west-africa
Сity, State: Florida
Сountry: United States of America
Research Focus: Authoritarianism, Cambodia, Colonialism, Criminology
Regional Focus: arctic, europe, indigenous
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