INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS: STORIES OF THE KINDERTRANSPORT recounts events of 1938 and 1939, as Jews were being rounded up, deported, or murdered in German-occupied Europe. A dangerous, concerted, and ultimately successful effort was made by British and Quaker leaders to rescue as many Jewish children as possible and get them to safety in the United Kingdom. Before war was officially declared in September 1939, approximately 10,000 Jewish children were saved by the Kindertransport, poignantly wrenching them from their despairing parents and finding homes for them for the duration of the war. Ursula Rosenfeld, Kurt Fuchel, Hedy Epstein, Jack Hellman, and others lived to give testimony. Bolstered by carefully preserved photographs and archival footage from the period, their very personal stories recreate both the horror and gratitude that accompanied them on their miraculous journeys. They were children, blessedly unaware that what was to be a temporary separation would go on for years and that most of them would never be reunited with their families. Seen in this documentary film as elderly survivors, all of them have strikingly unique tales to tell.