IAGS is pleased to announce that the 17th biennial meeting will be held from October 20-24th, 2025 at the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC). The conference theme is The Challenge of “Never Again”: Engaging with Protection and Prevention of Genocide. 


IAGS is keen to recognize that 2025 marks 80 years post-WWII as well as the 30th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide. Hence the decision for a theme related to the timely need to engage with the efforts that go steps further beyond remembering genocide to actively working with scholarship, memory, education, and public history to support prevention and protection strategies.


As longtime members know, and as newer members are learning, the biennial meetings take a lot of collaborative and thoughtful work. The IAGS planning team, led by Stephanie Wolfe, is meeting monthly with IAGS leadership and with Tali Nates at JHGC.


Why was the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre chosen for the 17th biennial meeting? 

The Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC) is a place of memory, education, dialogue, and lessons for humanity. The JHGC explores the history of genocide in the 20th century with a focus on the case studies of the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. It examines the connections between genocide and contemporary human. rights issues, urging visitors to understand the consequences of prejudice, discrimination and othering, so as to prevent the recurrence of mass atrocities and genocide in all its forms. The alignment between IAGS and JHGC is direct and substantial.


Stay tuned for the call for papers and information on how to connect with other IAGS members in the lead up to the conference!