IAGS Creative Commons Image Bank

A regular challenge faced by genocide scholars and researchers is to find sources of high-resolution, print-quality images under a Creative Commons license (that is, free to reproduce and modify). The IAGS Creative Commons Image Bank will serve as a clearing-house for such high-quality imagery.The galleries posted here comprise some 400 (and counting) photos, drawings, woodcut prints, stamps, and other visual media. Major sources include Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, and the US and other governments.

To the best of the organization’s knowledge, all images are copyright-cleared and may be freely reproduced and modified for non-commercial and commercial purposes (i.e., you do not have to seek additional permission to reproduce them in a commercially-published book volume). Most will be of a sufficient size and resolution to allow clear reproduction for print purposes.

Basic information about the image and its sourcing, where known, is given in the title. Generally this will be sufficient to allow the viewer to locate the original image on the Internet, which may include additional information. For all photos drawn from the Flickr website, the reference number for the image is supplied at the end of the filename. For materials listed as “Source Unknown,” the IAGS Creative Commons Image Bank may be cited.

This collection is curated by Adam Jones and Rafiki Ubaldo. If you wish to suggest other images for inclusion, please write to [email protected] and or [email protected].    If you feel we have posted an image to which you or others have a claim to exclusive copyright, please contact us at the same address for immediate attention.

 More coming soon