Benefits for

Institutions & NGO's Joining IAGS

Discounted individual membership rates;

(see options below)

Access to all regular membership benefits for individuals selected by their institution;

Eligibility to host biennial conference;

Eligibility to co-sponsor additional events;

Recognition on IAGS website as a member institution;

Access to our listserv;

The mentorship of experienced scholars through our mentorship program.

Option 1

Up to 18 Memberships
$ 400
  • Includes 15 memberships for students/emerging scholars, 3 other memberships for designated represenatives of the organization. .[1]

Option 2

Up to 36 Memberships
$ 600
  • Up to 30 memberships for students/emerging scholars, 6 memberships for designated represenatives of the organization.

Option 3

Up to 60 Memberships
$ 800
  • Up to 50 memberships for students/emerging scholars, 10 memberships for designated represenatives of the organization.


Up to 15 Memberships
$ 150
  • Up to 15 memberships for designated represenatives of the organization.


  1. Organizations wishing to become institutional members of the International Association of Genocide Scholars must be educational or advocacy organizations focused on the study and/or prevention of genocide.
  2.  Institutional members must accord with the purpose of the IAGS, as set out in Article 1(b) of our Bylaws: 
    The IAGS is an organization designed to further research and teaching on the causes, conditions, and effects of genocide as a worldwide phenomenon and to advance policy studies on prevention and intervention. Members take cognizance that although academic definitions will differ, the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide is international law and serves to guide the organization’s purpose.
  3. Institutional Memberships are approved by the Executive Board of the IAGS.

The following elements are required for an institutional membership application (approximately 1000 words):

  1. Name of organization
  2. Type of organization (Academic, Advocacy, Museum, etc.)
  3. Contact details of organization and primary contact person
  4. Description of organization (objectives, activities)
  5. For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact Melanie O’Brien:[email protected]


The normal value of the individual memberships included in institutional membership would be $450 for the student memberships and between $135 and $300 for the other memberships for a total value of as much as $750 dollars in membership fees for only $400.