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IAGS members are academic scholars, human rights activists, students, museum and memorial professionals, policymakers, educators, anthropologists, independent scholars, sociologists, artists, political scientists, economists, historians, international law scholars, psychologists, and literature and film scholars. IAGS was formed in 1994 and currently represents 600 members from all continents. We encourage anyone dealing with genocide in a scholarly or professional capacity to join.

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We are a global association with a common goal. As an interdisciplinary, non-partisan organization, we seek to further research and teaching about the nature, causes, and consequences of genocide, and advance policy studies on genocide prevention.

Member Benefits

Your membership with IAGS helps to support the organization’s activities and outreach as well as the advancement of scholarly work in the areas of genocide prevention, causes, and consequences.

Member Testimonials

“Joining IAGS was both important and helpful for me. IAGS is an excellent source of the most updated information about what is going on in the field of genocide research. The listserv is full of information about events, conferences, new books etc, so you won’t miss anything that you should know about as a genocide researcher or activist. IAGS has also created a great opportunity for me to meet with scholars and professionals, to receive some feedback on my work and to initiate collaborations. The IAGS biennual conference was a great opportunity to be introduced to people’s work as well as to chat with some and begin to know those people with whom I share the interest and mission of researching genocide and fighting to eradicate it.”

Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, PhD, Senior Lecturer for International Law and Chair of Ariel University Center for the Research and Study of Genocide


“I see being part of IAGS as essential for all professionals in the field of mass atrocity prevention. In the many years I’ve been a member I had the opportunity to learn about groundbreaking research in the field and connect to academics and professionals working on atrocity prevention in all regions of the world, all thanks to IAGS. The organization provides immense opportunities for learning, networking and, in my experience, is an essential space of interaction for all people working to prevent atrocities today.”

Tibi Galis, PhD, Executive Director of the Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities

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$100*Renews annually

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$175*Renews biennially

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$1000Once-Off Lifetime Membership for Individuals

Individual Membership Subscriptions

IAGS Membership Subscriptions are based on your annual income. Please select the most appropriate level based on your last 12 months income. All prices in USD.

We are invested in making IAGS accessible to everyone. If you cannot afford a membership, please send an email to Second Vice President Tim Williams.

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Institutional Memberships

We offer a range of institutional memberships for educational, non-profit, and civil society organizations.

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Interest Groups

Interest groups are organized by IAGS members with support of the Executive Board. These groups are created to offer an institutional body that can address the specific concerns and needs of identified collectives.

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