Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal

GSP’s mission is to understand the phenomenon of genocide, to create an awareness of it as an ongoing scourge, and to promote the necessity of prevention, for both pragmatic and moral reasons. The journal seeks to educate, inform, and encourage new generations of scholars to conduct research on genocide and provide a forum for those who wish to work toward preventing it.

The twentieth century has been called “The Age of Genocide.” In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the slogan “never again” was coined; yet since 1945 we have seen the mass slaughter of Bengalis, Cambodians, Rwandans, Bosnians, Kosovars, and Darfuris, to name only a few. Genocide Studies and Prevention is an international, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to understanding the phenomenon of genocide, researching it, and sharing the findings as widely as possible so as to produce constructive results.

Our aim is to produce a high-quality peer-reviewed journal that addresses cutting-edge issues in the field of genocide studies and related areas such as preventive diplomacy, conflict management, intervention, sanctions, and post-genocidal issues. Genocide Studies and Prevention provides a much-needed forum for discussion, as it fosters awareness of the atrocities linked to genocide while promoting the necessity of prevention.

This peer-reviewed journal publishes articles on the latest developments in policy, research, and theory from various disciplines including history, political science, sociology, psychology, international law, criminal justice, women’s studies, religion, philosophy, literature, anthropology, and art history.

The most current call for papers can be found here: GSP Call for Papers.

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