Teaching Briefs

Teaching briefs are intended to distribute important information to educators. Brief topics can range from studies of teaching and learning to reflections on pedagogically important issues or summaries of active learning exercises. The general intent is to share theoretically stimulating and practically useful information and advice with teachers. When sharing activities or insights for use in classrooms, the teaching brief should include information about the intended level of education of the learner (e.g., primary school students, college students, law enforcement officials).

Educating Security Sector Professionals to Prevent Genocide

Jamie D. Wise and Katie Chaka Parks

As systematic and often state-sponsored violence, genocide is almost always committed with the active involvement or complicity of security sector institutions, such as the police and armed forces. In fact, genocide scholars have increasingly pointed to the importance of meso-level actors–especially local leaders and officials–in influencing when, how, and to what extent atrocities unfold. Effective genocide prevention must therefore include security sector professionals, who are responsible for protecting civilians in their communities.

Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Stefani Sobol-Pastor, Ph.D.c. and Sarah Minslow, Ph.D.

The 2019-20 academic year has provided an unparalleled juncture, forcing many educators to leap with both feet out of our comfort zones. One important lesson for us, as well as our students, is that we must gracefully let others know we need assistance. This brief offers some advice for teaching during a global pandemic. It is intended for anyone who teaches genocides studies, as it offers some encouragement, tips for self-care, and summaries of digital resources.

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