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Access to sending and receiving the listserv is a member-only benefit.

If you think you are not receiving the listserv, FIRST please check your spam box and if that isn’t the solution or you are having other problems with it, let us know via our Contact Page. The listserv will provide information on job-openings, meetings and publications. It will also send new issue alerts for our open access journal.

To share something with the listerv, send the email to This inbox is monitored and if your message adheres to the IAGS Listserv rules, it will be forwarded to the membership.



The server is a place where scholars can hold a conversation with their peers and colleagues and we try to keep rules to a minimum but please note the following:

1. You must be paid-up

To post or to receive messages you must be a member of the IAGS in good standing.

2. No personal insults

Archbishop Desmond Tutu puts it best, “Don’t raise your voice; improve the quality of your argument.” While forceful opinions are fine, messages must not include personal attacks or insults. To quote the poet Max Ehrmann, “Speak your truth quietly.” And, if you make a claim, try to back it up with an example. You must also be able to substantiate it. In all cases, the moderator’s decision whether or not to post will be final, with the exception of Rule 6 below.

3. Private conversations

Please consider whether your response is for the whole membership, or one-on-one to another writer. If the latter, just send them an email

4. Subject lines

Messages will not be posted when the subject line doesn’t match the content. Members are busy and receive a lot of mail, so they have the right to know what your message is about before opening. If the chat has focused on  Mao’s Famine and you want to extend it to the current food crisis in  Somalia , please add a fresh topic line. This encourages others to start a new thread based on your story.

5. Tails

Finally, please trim past posts leaving one or two if you need context. Makes it easier to see your new comment

6. Appeals

If appropriate, the moderator may offer suggestions to an author whose post has been rejected based on one or more of the above rule violations. The author is expected to make a good faith effort to revise the post. If the author still feels that his or her message should be posted, he or she may appeal to the IAGS Advisory Board, which will be headed by a Chair and will vote to uphold or overturn the moderator’s decision about the post in question.

While the EB has committed to explore new avenues for these sorts of debates in the future, the IAGS Executive Board has voted to transform the listserv exclusively into a network for sharing relevant resources and information. Effective immediately, it will no longer be a space for open debate on issues. We hope that important discussions and debates will continue to take place through social media, journals, webinars, and IAGS conferences, but the listserv will no longer serve this function.

The listserv remains a space for sharing the following resources:

  • Event announcements
  • Calls for participation or submissions
  • Announcements about new publications
  • Links to reports and open letters (but not the reports and letters themselves)
  • Employment opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Grant opportunities, scholarships or other financial support mechanisms
  • Educational opportunities and initiatives
  • IAGS member updates and organizational information