Policy Briefs

The policy brief initiative seeks to disseminate the collective knowledge of scholars, practitioners, and activists to relevant stakeholders. Topics can pertain to genocide as well as atrocity crime, human rights, conflict, and social justice. The core aim is to help bridge the divide between IAGS members and the many others who could be using the insights in our work by summarizing and synthesizing cutting-edge knowledge and helping to move this knowledge beyond paywalls.

Submission Information

Both solicited and unsolicited briefs are accepted. If you are interested in submitting an unsolicited brief, please send a 2-3 paragraph proposal to policybrief@genocidescholars.org. The proposal should include a summary of the brief’s content, as well as the potential audience. The respective editorial board will review the proposal and will be back in touch about whether the editorial board would like to see a full draft.

All submissions must adhere to the IAGS Policy Brief Style Guide.

Editorial Team

Hollie Nyseth Brehm, Editor
Sascha Nanlohy, Assistant Editor
Jamie Wise, Editorial Assistant
Jess Kavinsky, Editorial Assistant